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TMC PVC Windows and Doors guarantee you of minimum heat loss and without draughts. Special thresholds for floors and intelligent technique for insulation prevent water and dirt penetration.

Superior heat insulation
The coefficient of heat passage determines the casement ability to conduct heat or the volume of heat losses - something on which our heating bills depend to a great extend. The smaller such coefficient, the less will be the heat losses through the window. It is important to know that the heat emission coefficient of walls and windows should be equalized. In order to achieve such effect you can trust the advice of our specialists.

Perfect sound insulation
All we know that the noise, especially in big cities, makes our homes extremely uncomfortable place for rest and relax and moreover this durably injures our health. With KBE you can leave the city behind.

Water insulation
These are the indices, which determine the degree of protection that the window enables during heavy rains. Tests of the KBE profile, which the respective quality certificates are worked on, prove that water won't penetrate